Olivia’s Onion Rings


Nothing kicks off the warmer weather better than seasonal food favorites which is why we are cooking up some summer inspired recipes to get us ready.

Olivia’s Onion Rings are sure to bring back early summer memories of longer days, good country drives with the top down, stopping by the local drive for a refreshing soda pop and something deliciously salty, crunchy, and deep fried.

Onion Rings3

Olivia’s Onion Rings 


2 Large yellow onions

2 Bags of Olivia’s Croutons Crushed

2 Cups Flour

3 Large Eggs whisked

4 Cups Vegetable Oil for frying

Salt & Pepper


In a large skillet or Dutch Oven heat oil over medium – medium high heat. Cut onions into thick rings (about 1/2 inch). Create dredging station (1 bowl flour, 1 bowl eggs whisked, 1 bowl crushed croutons). Toss onion rings in flour, then dip into egg, coat in crushed croutons. Place 5-8 rings into hot oil, cook until golden brown (approximately 1 -2 minutes). Repeat until all onion rings have been fried. Pour your favorite soda pop and enjoy!

Onion Rings1

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