Olivia's Staff

The People of Olivia’s

When asked what her official title was here, she simply said “bagger“.  But after watching her in action I came up with a few more. In addition to “bagger“, I’ve added: “runner“, “climber“, “boxer“, and “lifter“. Sounds more like a gym trainer, eh? “Yo’ Rocky!”…Meet Amy.


Current Job: Bagger

Favorite kind of Olivia’s Croutons: Parmesan Pepper

Favorite way to eat Olivia’s Croutons: With salad

Favorite place to eat: at home

Favorite Movie Character: I don’t really have one

Favorite Drink: Monument Farms chocolate milk!

Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Favorite place to have lunch: Anywhere with friends

Best thing to do in VT: Visit the farms

Hidden talent: I have none (laughs)

Strangest phobia: I am not really afraid of anything!


Rapid Fire

Coffee or Tea? Tea

Netflix or Redbox? Redbox

Dog or Cat? Dog

Email or Snail Mail? Email

Friends or Seinfeld? Friends

Train or Plane? Plane

Spring or Fall? Fall

Cake or Pie? Pie

Dancing or Singing? Dancing

Checkers or Chess? Checkers

Muffins or Bagels? Bagels

Olivia’s Croutons or Olivia’s Croutons? I’d say Olivia’s Croutons!


What? How?

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck? As much as it wants

What if Garth didn’t have friends in low places? That would be kinda sad…there would be no song!

What is the difference between normal ketchup and fancy ketchup? There is no difference, it’s all just ketchup


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