The People of Olivia’s

When he’s not keeping track of his three daughters Jessica, Brittney, and Tarah, our kitchen manager of the gluten-free facility is doing his part to maintain Vermont traditions. “I hunt, I fish, and I am on the New Haven, VT fire department…I’m pretty boring!” he explained to me when asked what he does in his spare time. But boring hardly begins to describe this native Vermonter from Winooski . I have not worked with him long, but certainly if someone from our staff is going to tell me a good story and put a smile on my face, its him. Hunting, fishing, and volunteering on the local Fire Departments are considered hobbies in our state, however, these activities are an integral part of our community, our environment, and our heritage. If anyone is going to contribute to the continued interest, growth, and excitement, it’s him.

This happy guy, is known as Mike. Mike

Current Job: Kitchen Manager (Gluten Free Operations)

Favorite kind of Olivia’s Croutons: Parm Pepper

Favorite way to eat Olivia’s Croutons: Snack Food

Favorite place to eat: I just enjoy eating!

Favorite Movie: I don’t watch movies

Favorite Drink: Tequila or Pepsi Maxx or you can combine the two!

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving, I get to eat!

Favorite food: Prime Rib

Best thing to do in VT: Hunt and fish

Best way to eat maple syrup: Just as is…in a shot glass

Alive or Dead, person you would most want to have dinner with: My wife!

Strangest pet peeve: stuff on the floor, hate things under my feet!


Rapid Fire

Coffee or Tea? Both

Netflix or Redbox? Neither

Dog or Cat? Big Dog

Skittles or M&M’s? M & M’s

MASH or Cheers? MASH

Train or Plane? Plane

Spring or Fall? Both

Cake or Pie? Pie, I don’t like cake.

Football or Baseball? Baseball

Checkers or Chess? Checkers

Muffins or Bagels? Depends on the day!

Olivia’s Croutons or Olivia’s Croutons? Do I have to make a choice? I guess I’ll go with Olivia’s Croutons


Who? What? Weird?

Who framed Roger Rabbit? His Girlfriend

What does the fox say?…In which terms?

At a movie theatre which arm rest is yours? Whichever one my arm is on!

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