The People of Olivia’s Croutons

We do not have elves in a small tree making our croutons…despite the rumors. “The People of Olivia’s Croutons” is a series that highlights the friendly faces that make up our fantastic crew. 

Meet Nancy…


Current Job: Operations Manager

Favorite kind of Olivia’s Croutons: Organic Garlic and Herb

Favorite way to eat Olivia’s Croutons: Fresh out of the oven!

Favorite place to eat: Brandon House of Pizza

Favorite Drink: Diet Pepsi

Favorite School Subject: Math

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite place to visit: New Hampshire

Favorite Hobby: We have 12 acres of land and we spend a lot of time out there with our dog, in the woods, enjoying the outdoors!

Best thing to do in VT: Making maple syrup!

Best way to eat an apple: Apple pie!

Strangest phobia: I cannot stand the sound of metal scraping on metal!


Rapid Fire

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Netflix or Redbox? Netflix

Dog or Cat? Dog

Outside or Inside? Outside

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

Couch or Chair? Recliner

Summer or Winter? Summer

Candy apple or Caramel apple? Candy Apple

Festival or Fair? Fair

Cake or Pie? Both!

Pencil or Pen? Pen

Olivia’s Croutons or Olivia’s Croutons? Olivia’s Croutons of course!


Who. What. Where. Why. How. And Weird. 

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? 3!

What if Journey stopped believing? They wouldn’t have made it as far as they did!

Where’s Waldo? Last time I saw him, he was in a book.

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