Pizza Promotes Positivity


Every Friday around noon the farm house that serves as our office is empty and the barn break room is full. Every day the familiar smell of garlic permeates throughout the kitchen but today, the distinct and alluring hints of garlic compete with the robust and hearty smells of pepperoni, sausage, and ham. That is because Friday is pizza day at Olivia’s Croutons.

All of the familiar faces of Olivia’s gather together hovering over the warm, oil-stained pizza boxes and we eat our lunch together. Like the regular lunchtime crowd at a Vermont general store, we discuss work, family, sports, fires, and the weather. We share our weekend plans and we all ignore the snow flurries passing by the barn windows.

Appropriately, food is the center of what brings us all together, after all, we are in the food business. But Friday at noon is not about how many orders we had this week or how many blogs I wrote, it’s about the company. Not the company as in our business, but the company we are sharing by being together. Olivia’s is not considered cutting edge for adopting traditions like pizza Friday but we do like to think we can cut an edge off a baguette pretty darn well. We were not the first to make croutons either, however we do think we were the first to make croutons great.

So, maybe we are among the many businesses that have weekly traditions, but perhaps we are among the few small businesses to realize just how powerfully positive pizza can be.

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