The Color “Crouton”

A Google alert recently came to my email box advertising a pair of boots in the color “crouton”.  I began to think… to us at Olivia’s the color “crouton” is obvious; a vivid golden brown created by rich oils and seasonings as our croutons bake into the crisp morsels we proudly display through the window of our retail boxes.

But what about those other croutons?  You know, the ones that are basically dried and then sprayed with flavoring.  Those croutons are virtually white.  I’d be very disappointed if my new boots arrived and they were white with dehydrated green specs.

At Olivia’s we make croutons by hand, seasoning freshly baked bread with delicious oils and butter and plenty of fresh garlic, grated cheeses, herbs and spices baked in the whole time! What a novel thought…  The next time you are looking for croutons, or boots remember our “crouton” color, a rich golden brown.  I hope I am getting those boots for Christmas!  Happy Holidays to everyone.  I hope you will be sharing Olivia’s Croutons at your holiday gathering.




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