Growing garlic at Olivia’s…

Olivia’s “lives” on an incredible farm in New Haven, Vermont.  Blessed with unbelievable soil, we have had great success with our wheat.  This year we harvested 90,000 lbs of wheat berries and we are having our flour milled at a local mill and blending it into our bread recipes.

With our wheat success, we are trying something new… garlic!  We have been talking about growing garlic for several years, but let’s face it there are only so many hours in a day.  Thankfully our daughter Olivia, the company’s namesake, has taken it upon herself to make the garlic piece happen. She and her boyfriend Jake spent several weeks this fall researching, sourcing and planting 100 lbs of organic garlic.  They hope to yield 500-1,000 lbs from this planting, most of which they will plant for the following years crop.  Someday in the future, we hope to be using some of this garlic, along with the homegrown flour to make our croutons.

What’s next??? Probably basil….

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