Faces on the Farm — The Men and Women of Olivia’s

Heidi making it happen at Olivia’s Croutons!

Name: Heidi

Job at Olivia’s: Office Coordinator, Bookkeeper, Assistant to Francie & David, Customer Service, Dog Watcher & Horse-tender

What do you like best about working at Olivia’s?

Francie and David offer me something that no other employer has – the ability to REALLY be an active member of my family! Work-and-life balance happens without the guilt felt by many parents who often have to put their jobs before their families! I especially like the “what you see is what you get” wholesome quality of this product! No additives, No preservatives, No nonsense! Additionally, the “farm” reminds me of my grandparents’ farm in central Vermont where I spent many hours growing up and still love to visit!

What do you least like about working at Olivia’s?

The distance between my office and where the action is! While production takes place in our renovated barn and we all try to stay in communication with some valuable face to face time; I dread the coming winter months as I will be traveling across the lot from the farm house to the barn! Just thinking about it makes me shiver!

What is your favorite crouton or product that we make at Olivia’s?

Parmesan Pepper!!!

What would be your signature flavor of crouton?

Tomato Basil or a Spicy Salsa Flavor!

What would you like to share about your family?

My family consists of three amazing children; Kierra 7, Zayne 8 and Skylar 19 and my incredible fiancé Jim! We share two chocolate labs: Chloe and Gus that are 9 months old and still chewing their ways into our hearts! We’re a busy group! If we’re not participating in some sport or sporting event, we’re at the library, exploring our backyard or some nearby trail, visiting with grandparents or gathered around the kitchen table! We all love to cook and laughter has no limit on our list of daily requirements!

What are your favorite hobbies and pastimes?

Jim and I coach little league together which has been very rewarding. I enjoy reading and audio books. Gardens surround my house and I continue to push my black thumb into the green category. Good conversations and tasty food feed my mind and soul. My favorite pastimes include the times I’ve had with family! Simple, passionate living has many rewards; all of which I enjoy!

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