The Wheat Keeps Growing!

We are just wrapping up the first week in June and the wheat is standing at about 44” at the Wheat-O-Meter.  Wow!  Being a relatively new farmer and knowing that my livelihood does not completely depend on the wheat, I look on with amazement.  If this wheat continues to stand up, we are going to have a record breaking yield. Here’s a look at the growth of our wheat over the past weeks:

The very beginning, April 1, 2010
after one short week of good sun!
After 2 weeks, most of the wheat is really taking off. The Harvard, here, is clearly looking better than the Redeemer, below, a variety that we are trying from Canada!

Oh how the weather can change in Vermont. Good growth 3 weeks in and wham on the 4th week!
But what a difference a day makes, actually 2 days. But will it stand up?
Yes! It bounces back! Much to the surprise of our friend Earl Bessette

May 17th, it is growing so fast. It’s as tall as the dogs!

Here you can see the 2 varieties of wheat. Harvard here, Redeemer below.
David making his way back to the barn.
Redeemer. Notice the “Beard" on top of the grain.

My Farmer friends Earl Bessette and Warren Whitcomb worry…  They worry each time we are predicted to get heavy winds.  They worry when the heavy rains dump from the sky.  Before they have their morning coffee, they come to check on the wheat.  This morning a little bit of it had fallen.  I’m not sure if it was from the wind or the rain washing down one of the swales in the field. I am hopeful that it will stand up again, they are probably more realistic and sure it will not.  The way I look at it we have a lot more standing than not!

You can see the “dents” in the field
“She’s down”

It seems that the past 2 months have flown by. To look at the wheat today, it’s hard to imagine that it is only about half way to harvest.  I’m sharing our photo album documenting the wheat’s growth over the past 2 months.  I hope you enjoy it.

We have another 5 to 6 weeks before this grain will be ready to harvest.  We are hopeful that the stalks will be strong and the wind won’t blow too hard. Wish us luck!

Francie and David

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