Student Local Food Project

Ever since Olivia’s Croutons relocated to New Haven in 2006, we have participated in a local school project that pairs young students with food producers in our area.  The students write introductory letters, schedule meetings, conduct interviews, write research papers and thank you notes, and present a trade fair, showcasing their chosen businesses.

Shelby Gage’s Presentation on Olivia’s Croutons

We have met four great students to date and last week we were visited by Ira, this year’s researcher. Ira is a 3rd grader from Alana Lilly’s 3rd Grade Class at Ferrisburgh Central School.

This year’s student visitor Ira, from Ms. Lilly’s 3rd Grade Class at Ferrisburg.

It’s wonderful that our local schools choose to showcase local business in teaching these valuable study skills to their students.  It is interesting for the students to see examples of non conventional careers.  The activity also builds awareness of local food sources for parents and visitors to the school.  Thanks Ira, we look forward to your presentation on June 3rd.


One thought on “Student Local Food Project

  1. Thank you for featuring our VT Producer’s Fair. Having my students learn about the local producers is such a worthwhile project. The students learn so much.
    Thank you for participating and showcasing the project that a fellow teacher and I developed.

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