Olivia’s Croutons in Baking Management Magazine

We were recently featured in Baking Management because of our move towards using local grains! Check out the link below for the full article and photos:


“Consumers looking for whole grains often also are interested in where and how the grains are grown. Francie Caccavo, owner of Olivia’s Croutons, New Haven, Vt., married her company’s croutons with the newfound interest in eating locally grown products as well as food raised by nonindustrial farmers.

Olivia’s Croutons currently contain 12 percent whole wheat flour, though that number is expected to increase to 25 percent with this year’s crop. Caccavo and her family grow the wheat, soy, oats and millet used to make the croutons, and the wheat is locally milled.

The company also makes a multigrain product composed of locally grown millet, soy, oats and wheat. The products are sold in grocery and specialty stores across the nation. Consumers respond to them because they contain wheat grown and harvested on a family-run farm and milled within the same area, Caccavo says.

“There’s a great initiative to buy farm-to-plate,” she says.

The move to whole grains may not be smooth, and it won’t be seamless, she says. But with experimentation backed up by some knowledge, it can be relatively painless.

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