Life on a Crouton Farm: Our “Boardroom”

Today was a beautiful morning. David and I usually start our day with a walk with the dogs through the wheat field and continue on to the neighboring farmers fields, including a pit stop to check the power meter on our windmill. This is our morning meeting.  We talk about Olivia’s, what is going on that day and usually move into some kind of conversation about our future.  It’s the best boardroom I can think of.

David stops to check the power meter on our wind turbine.

Today was especially nice. Warmer than the past week, with the sun shining, and I swear the wheat has popped up another couple of inches over the last day or so.  The dogs are always delighted, they love eating the wheat grass, or finding a dry ear of corn and unfortunately some other not-so-delectable items.

Fancy and CC, our neighbor's horses

We’ve decided that we’re going to feature a “WheatCam” to celebrate our ongoing attempt at growing wheat on our property. Each week we’ll upload pictures of the wheat’s progress. Stay tuned for contests and more photos to guess at the height and win boxes of Croutons!  We’re aiming to have a few contests between now and the July harvest.

April 3rd, 2010
April 20th, 2010

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