Okay, Olivia’s is joining the social media scene… Hard for me to fathom, I hope you will join in as you see fit. I started Olivia’s in 1991. I didn’t even have a computer.  Shortly thereafter, a friend of mine who sold computers practically gave me one, because he said it was sooo much easier.  (It took me years to pay him for it.)

And here I am, attempting to have conversations with those of you interested in what I do.  It has been a wild 18 years. To think of the changes we have been through is mind boggling. I couldn’t be happier, settled into our 1850s farm, offices in the house, crouton kitchen in the old dairy barn, horses, dogs, chickens and a cat sharing the house and assorted out buildings.  I don’t think I could have dreamed this up if I tried.  Heaven on earth is how I refer to it. The fields are now certified organic, and I can almost call myself a farmer, with my first crop of organic winter wheat at the mill, soon to be in our flour inventory in the crouton kitchen.

As I move forward, I hope to share new recipes (stay tuned for s few of my favorite stuffing recipes, perfect for that high-dollar natural turkey this Thanksgiving) to  special happenings on the farm, and comment on what’s going on in the world that affects our business.  I’m looking forward to this. It will be fun!


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